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How to Get A PO Box

Are you wondering how to get a PO box? There are two ways to do it: online or in person.

How to Get a PO Box Online

Applying online allows you to set up automatic payments directly through the USPS website. This can help save some time at the service window when you go to claim your box at the post office.

If you decide to get your PO box online, you’ll still need to provide a printed copy of your application and the emailed payment receipt when you go to claim your box at the post office.

1. Create a account

You must have a account to apply online. You can create a new account here.

If you already have a account, you can simply log in.

2. Find a PO box near you and select a size

Use the USPS PO box locator to see PO box sizes and pricing options in your area.

Post office boxes come in five sizes. The cost will vary depending on box size and location. Click here to learn more about PO box sizes and costs.

You’ll save around 10% to 15% by selecting the 6-month option.

3. Fill out the online application and make your first payment

Complete the short online application. If you need to add additional people to the PO box you’ll be able to do it on this screen.

After you complete the application, you’ll need to enter your billing info and pay for your first rental term (at least three months).

Automatic credit or debit renewal is required for 3-month terms.

4. Prepare two forms of ID

You’ll need two forms of identification to claim your PO box. One needs to be a photo ID.

Most people find that it’s most convenient to use their driver’s license (or state ID) and their auto insurance policy. However, the Post Office accepts a number of other forms of ID. Click here to view all forms of acceptable ID.

5. Claim your box

Bring printed copies of your application and emailed payment receipt to the post office where your box is located.

Depending on the location of your box, you may be required to pay a small deposit for each key.

Once you have your key and can start using your new PO box immediately.

How to Get a PO Box in Person

If you’d prefer to apply in person, you can simply drop by your local post office and fill out a paper application.

You’ll still need to provide two forms of ID (covered above) so be sure to plan ahead.

You’ll also need to pay for the first rental term of at least three months. USPS accepts most standard forms of payment, including cash, check, and credit or debit card.

Automatic credit or debit renewal is required for 3-month terms.